Food as ingredient


Is the small ingredient that spice up our food. We use spice to cook, to heal/treat sickness and to garnish the food as final touch. Spices come in whole form, coarsely blend or powdered spice. Spices are versatile ingredients that you may need a magic touch to your food. Each spice gives a unique smell, aroma and flavour.

All the spice originally comes in whole form which comes in different shapes. They are used solely one type of spice or mixed spice. Applications used are sauté (is done with a small amount of oil to enhance the flavour of the dish), soup ( liquid food that is flavoured with main ingredient) or gravy ( curry like texture that is thicker than soup). Shelf life is up to 1 year.

Normally coarsely blended spices are dry roasted and mashed with mortar and pestle. To be used in sauté or soup. Shelf life is up to 6 months.

Powdered spices are different type of curry powder (meat, fish, kurma, biryani and etc), five spice powder, seasoning powder and garnishing powder. Applications are gravy, spice rub (roasting, frying, soup) and garnishing (final touch like sprinkling some black pepper powder or any spice mixed). Shelf life is up to 6 months.

For powdered spice, to be used in cooking is not a requirement for manufacturing to kill the bacteria that are present in the spices. But, it is requirement to monitor the present of deadly bacteria (salmonella, e. coli) in incoming raw materials. Garnishing spice it is requirement to undergo a process to eliminate the present of bacteria like sterilisation before the product is packed. Be alert on the food label, the powdered spice mixed is meant for garnishing. If it is not, there is higher possibility to get food poison.

Selecting spices, spices like fennel, coriander, green cardamom are fresh if there are still in greenish or yellowish green state. Other spices are to ensure their original state of aroma, not infested and not mouldy are sign of freshness.

After purchasing the spice, it is always good to wash the spices that are tiny shapes to remove the dust and dirt and sundry. Before storing the spices into, an air tight container. Kept at dark & cool place.

After this, you can start to experiment your dish with different types of spice!

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