Meat tenderizer

Are you having bbq party this weekend? Or going to impress your partner with your cooking skill tonight? Whichever scenario you are in, you want to make sure the food you make is a thumbs up from them. So, main dish will be meat, but how to soften it? There are few ways we can tender the meat:-

  1. “Beat it, beat it, beat it”

Well, I already start singing his song. We have a tool where you can pound your meat with mallet, this will be the fastest way to tenderize the meat. Just that you be using up abit more energy. Suitable for steak, or mutton chop.

  1. Marinate with acid

Normally, the acids are household type. Such as wine, citrus, vinegar, tomato based sauces or yogurt. Some of the acids comes with flavor which enhance the meat taste. Marination with strong acid will require maximum of 2 hours for softening, more than that will cause the meat to toughen up. If its weak acid, you may marinate it in the fridge for 24hour before cooking, so that the meat can take up more flavor. (take note: Vinegar and citrus are strong acid)

  1. Marinate with enzyme

Enzyme are present in whole food mostly in fruits and vegetables, there are enzyme that can help in tenderizing the meat , we have ginger, figs, pineapple, kiwis, papaya and such. We can puree the fruit or slice it cover the meat, wait for few hours to work the magic by breaking the protein and connective tissues.

  1. Salt it

Salting the meat will also tenderize it. If you plan to salt the meat, do it 1 hour before cooking the meat, make sure you wash the meat to remove the excess salt. You never want your meat to be done salty. You may use table salt, sea salt or baking soda(sodium bicarbonate).

  1. Slice it right

When you slicing the meat, you want to ensure your marinating flavors are in the meat, make sure slicing the meat consistently, to give best results.

  1. Slow cook it

Last but not least, you never do cooking in a rush. Your dish will never turn out to as you wanted. So, take your time….slow cooking is the key to have juicy flavorful well done meat.

Next round, I’ll teach you how to prepare marinate.

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