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Copper is one of the require mineral in the body to maintain optimum health. How much to consume? 12mg daily intake for an adult. In the body, copper is distributed in the skeletal muscle, skin, bone marrow, liver and plasma. Copper functions in cellular respiration, iron metabolism, antioxidant defense, connective tissue formation and neurotransmitter biosynthesis.

Deficiency of copper may cause anemia, neutropenia, impaired immune system, skeletal demineralization, osteoporosis, other abnormalities in bone development. Less common symptoms : hypo or depigmentation of skin and hair, aneurysms and neurological symptoms.

Genetic defects of copper can cause menkes disease (known as kinky hair syndrome)where the baby born may affects development both mental and physical, normally can live up to 3years old.

Oligodynamic effect – that’s what copper has where when you fill water in copper container and keeping overnight, you have already sterilize the water from microorganism. Technically, copper ions that leach from the container kills all of the unwanted microorganism in the water. I will say this is one of the cheapest ways to sanitize your water, without boiling.

Alzhemier, is a disease that is in current trend in attacking most of the older generation. Well, copper act as a brain stimulant, to avoid part of the root cause in this disease. Neurotransmitter biosynthesis happens in our nerves where we call them as neurons, all this neurons are near to each other, so for the neuron to transfer the signal, the signal will jump from one to another end of neuron, to make the jumping even faster, copper will be induce. Simultaneously, our brain also works faster.

Copper shows anti-inflammatory properties and helps form connective tissues. People who are suffering from arthritis and inflamed joints, just by taking sufficient copper will assure you to keep the pain at bay.

Osteoporosis is always is connected to insufficient intake of calcium, actually there are few minerals needed for the absorption of calcium to take place, copper has strengthening properties to avoid osteoporosis. Skeletal demineralization prone to occur when there is no proper copper in place where a light fall may cause fracture in your bone. Deficiency of copper may cause other abnormalities in bone development also.

Immune system – is where 3 stages of defense system are carried out to ensure we heal from sickness. If these 3 stages fail to protect us, we may not be alive, so without copper we may suffer from impaired immune system. Neutropenia is a disease, the person has very low number of neutrophils and this person gets easily infected with communicable diseases. Neutrophil is one of the components in white blood cell which functions as to attack the pathogen that has entered the body.

Depigmentation of skin – the colour of skin is control by melanin, the more production of melanin, the darker you are. The function of melanin is to protect our body from UV rays from sun. For the production of melanin to occur, copper must be present. Do you want a blemish free skin or a smooth skin? Add in copper in your daily diet, it aids in the production of new cell and speeds up wounded scars healing with no scar left behind.

Antioxidant defense – Why do we need copper as antioxidant in our body? 1. It slows down aging, copper fights of free-radical and also replace all the old cell with new and healthy cells, so this will result in no fine line or wrinkles on your face and body. 2. Cancer patient, Copper ion in the body can prevent the spreading of cancer cell. A chemist at Bielefield University created a molecule containing copper that binds specifically with DNA and this prevents the spread of cancer from the affected area. This can be an alternative anti-cancer drug.

Improve digestive system – Copper has the abilities to stimulate peristalsis, peristalsis is a movement that allows food to travel in one direction downwards in digestive system. The common problem we have with our stomach are bloating, indigestion, heartburn, ulcer or gastric, but when we treat these with copper. It will kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation in the stomach. Copper is a light detox, where it ensures you empty your stomach, regulate your organs like liver and kidney, have a proper elimination of waste and right track your metabolism. As a result, absorption of nutrients is done efficiently.

Weight loss – Just by drinking copper water, you can reduce weight! Yes, without stopping whatever efforts you are embarking. Since, you already improve your digestive system and metabolism. Your nutrients are well utilised, especially the break down of fat and eliminating it.

Anemia – is a condition where deficiency of red blood cell in the body. Red blood cells consist of haemoglobin function as to combine oxygen and carry it throughout the body to supply the oxygen. Iron and haem group are the component that form haemoglobin. Iron is metabolized with the help of copper, without copper iron is not produce and this may cause anemia.

Cardiovascular health and blood pressure – Cardiovascular disease occur when the blood vessels are blocked or narrowed by accumulation of plaque that results in heart attack, copper helps to prevent the accumulation of plaque, dilate the blood vessels to allow a good flow of blood into the heart and also assist in the regulation of blood pressure to avoid hypertension.

In Ayurveda (alternative medicine that roots form India dating back more than 3000 years), humans are categorized into these 3 dosha call vata, pitta and kapha, if you are sick means that your dosha is in imbalance state. One of the ways of balance all the three dosha is by consuming the copper water. How to have copper water? This can be done by storing water in pure copper vessel “ Tamara jal” for at least 8 hours. To reap all the goodness of copper, for all the problems and diseases I have mention above, is just by drinking copper water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to purchase a copper vessel – You will obtain all the copper you need when you buy the pure copper vessels, never buy a copper vessels that is made with a mixture of different metals. Generally, people will invest in copper jug or kalash. For economical purpose, you may purchase copper glass. When you purchase these copper vessels, normally is a one-time purchase where you will be using for a period of years. Since is a pure copper, they tend to get unappealing in your frequent usage, to ensure it stays in shinny form. Please follow the cleaning instruction.

Cleaning a copper vessel – Never use a scrub or scrapper to wash the copper surface, you remove all the copper from the vessel. Just squeeze half of the lime or mix baking powder with water and rub the surface. Let it stand for few minutes, before you rinse it with running water.

Storage of water – Water should be store overnight or 8 hours before drinking it. Why? Storage water need to be sterilized and leaching of the copper ion. Leaching of copper ion will be part of your requirement intake of copper mineral. Stored water will be positively charged. Water filled can be tap water or filtered water. Not recommended to fill with hot or boiling water, this can cause too much copper leaching from your vessel.

Warning : Anything consume in excess is a poison to the body. More than the copper requirement given as daily intake 12mg, will give you negative effects. Drinking 2 cups daily, is more than sufficient to achieve your daily requirement. Always follow the cycle, 3 weeks consume copper water, then one week give a break, so that copper excess in your body, can be balance out.

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